Nike Air Jordan Collection List 2016

Air Jordan Collection

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Before the AJ Collection ever existed, professional basketball players were rather accustomed to lacing up in all-white sneakers. Thus, Michael Jordan’s entrance into the NBA transformed the athletic footwear industry and the sport of basketball in more than one way and to the utmost extent. Soon after Michael Jordan arrived in the NBA as a result of being drafted by the Chicago Bulls, the Air Jordan Collection was launched. Ever since, the industry and the sport have never been the same.

It has become somewhat of a tradition for JB to introduce a new AJ model every year. Ever since the debut of the legendary Air Jordan 1 back in 1985, Jordan Brand has been annually released a brand new model, keeping the media, sneakerheads and the sneaker industry on their toes. When it comes to demand and sales, Jordan Brand’s Air Jordan Collection has been unceasingly dominating the market. With every model that Jordan Brand has added to the collection year after year, they ended up raising the benchmark standards for their competitors with revolutionary design and performance features.

jordan-collections-house-of-flightDespite having retired from the sport of basketball, Michael Jordan continues to serve as the foundation of the collection. New Air Jordan colorways that are unveiled continue to draw cues and inspiration from some of the most memorable and unforgettable moments of the G.O.A.T.’s illustrious career. Much like the man behind it, Jordan Brand have also persistently dedicated themselves to innovate their footwear lineup.

The sneakers that Jordan Brand has released in recent times continue to expand the Air Jordan Collection while staying true to its rich history of resolute performance and unprecedented design. Still taking inspiration from the greatest player to have ever played the sport, the AJ’s Collection continues to be a leader in the athletic footwear industry. Much like Michael Jordan’s legend lives on, the AJ’s Collection also continues to build on and expand its legacy.

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