Does Starbucks Drug Test?

Do you want to offer your services at Starbucks but are not entirely sure if the company requires its applicants to pass a Starbucks drug test before being hired? Do not fret, we have you covered. 

Usually, when Starbucks’ conducts drug testing, they do it for various reasons and at varying times. Applicants who wish to work in the deli, pharmacy, TLE, or automotive departments are often required to pass a drug test and an alcohol screening. This is merely another step in the interviewing process. Aside from this, the manager of the local retail location has the authority to request a random test from any employee at any time for any number of reasons.

About Starbucks 

The Starbucks Corporation is a multinational company with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, managing a coffee shop chain and roasting facilities. It is the coffeehouse chain that boasts the most locations worldwide. 

Individuals desirous to join Starbucks should know what kind of drug test, Starbucks uses. In the succeeding paragraphs, we will address all your inquiries and apprehensions regarding the availability of drug testing facilities at Starbucks and how to pass the Starbucks drug test.

Does Starbucks drug test new employees in 2023? 

Indeed, Starbucks conducts random drug tests on occasion. Although not all potential employees are subjected to them, Starbucks' pre-employment drug screen occurs. Primarily the management of the location where you work decides whether or not to test you for drugs. The standard drug test that Starbucks uses on its employees is a 5-panel urine test that looks for the following substances: THC, AMP, PCP, OPI, and COC.

In consonance with the major corporations, Starbucks, views itself as a drug-free workplace. If management has reason to believe that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the job, they may request an individual to submit a drug test.

However, additionally, they do not perform Starbucks random drug test on its staff members before promoting them. Suppose you currently work for Starbucks and are in a management position or are in line for a promotion. In that case, there is a certain chance that the company will not subject you to a drug test again unless there is reasonable suspicion.

What kind of drug test does Starbucks use?

Starbucks rarely conducts drug tests on their employees, but those few who indicated they did, informed that the corporation can request either a urine or saliva test.

In either case, the standard chemicals that are checked for on a 5-panel drug screen are the medications that are being looked for:

  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamine and methamphetamine
  • Marijuana 
  • Phencyclidine 

It is unclear how Starbucks tests for alcohol, although the standard procedures involve using a breath analyser or a blood test to check for the presence of alcohol.

You will be given instructions to go to a clinic in the area in order to give a sample because the testing is not done on the premises.

What is Starbucks drug testing policy?

As is the possession of firearms, the consumption of illegal substances is explicitly forbidden at all locations worldwide and on all Starbucks property. In addition, it is against the organization's policy for employees to be in possession of illegal narcotics or substances while on the job. As a result, members of the Starbucks team cannot use drugs or consume alcohol in the hours leading up to their shift.

Most of the time, employees are not mandated to submit themselves to a drug test for results. Rather, they are expected to follow the firm's policies of their own volition. As a result, Starbucks may subject its potential employees to a pre-employment drug test and random drug testing to prevent contamination and to maintain the safety of its customers.

Except if you work at a Starbucks location, housed inside another establishment, like a Target, Kroger's, or airport terminal; you can be additionally subjected to the latter’s rules and regulations. This is due to the fact that individual locations are run separately from one another, and the owner of each location is considered a franchisee.

The owner is required to pay Starbucks in exchange for the privilege of selling products bearing the Starbucks brand. You won't be employed by Starbucks but rather by a separate company in this role instead. It is possible that you will be required to pass a Starbucks drug test at home or another test of a similar nature in order to demonstrate compliance with the company's policies.

Drug Testing Structure at Starbucks 

Walmart requires it of sure of its departments, while Starbucks doesn't. It's possible that you're concerned about prescription drugs and drug testing for employment. However, it appears that conducting a drug test in real-time is not a standard practice. 

On the other hand, if Starbucks suspects you of engaging in an inappropriate behaviour or drug use, they may require you to undergo a drug test.

Does Starbucks drug test you on the first interview?

At Starbucks, employees are subjected to drug screenings before being hired and based on reasonable suspicion. You will be required to submit a urine drug test, and the manager who usually enjoys the final say on the matter will give you the instruction. According to the results of interviews with a few of the company's workers, there is neither a true test for drugs nor a structure for drug testing at Starbucks. A drug testing strategy is in place, even though it does not have a straightforward structure, so that confirmation can be obtained after observing an impacted behavior.

Alcohol and Drug Tests At Starbucks

It should come as no surprise that a good work ethic is expected from each and every employee in the workplace, particularly in some of the more well-known businesses in the area. On the other hand, Starbucks does not prioritize applicants who have failed a drug or alcohol test. The policy of keeping a drug-free work environment does not require any employee testing unless they violate the policy in some way. 

A violation of professional conduct leads to suspicion, which causes executives to announce a drug test for any employee suspected of breaking the behavioural conduct. Nevertheless, they may just consider doing a drug test on the person in question, excluding any tests connected to alcohol from their consideration. The following are some of the scenarios that may arise throughout your testing with Starbucks, as well as the experiences you may have:

  • Testing for Pre-Employment
  • A Suspicion That Is Reasonable Testing
  • Random Testing
  • Post-Accident Testing

Testing for Pre-Employment

The staff or hiring team may look into the possibility of doing pre-employment testing on a candidate in order to verify that the applicant does not use illegal drugs. In contrast to a number of other businesses, such as Walmart, Starbucks does not mandate this procedure for any of the customers who inquire about their products. On the other hand, in extremely rare circumstances, you might be asked to give the results of a drug test, although this possibility also exists. 

Only during the hiring process, you will be subjected to pre-employment testing. these examinations will not be administered again while you are on the job. Even though it doesn't happen very often at Starbucks, that doesn't imply that it won't happen to you when you're looking for a job there. 

A few employees also pass the pre-employment testing by taking detox pills for drug tests at Starbucks. Because if you use the drug and take detox pills, it will not be detected in the test. 

A Suspicion That Is Reasonable Testing

Despite the fact that Starbucks initially did not conduct drug tests on its employees, the executives now have compelling reasons to conduct one in light of the suspicions. In addition, if there are persistent problems with drug usage among the staff at a certain location, that location's branch might make passing drug tests a higher priority. When they have reason to believe that you are using drugs, they also have the legal authority to seek a drug test from an employee. The at-home alcohol tests are not included, but they may come with a screen that includes a urine test utilizing Starbucks at-home drug test kits. On the other hand, there are sporadic instances in which a request for an alcohol test might be made if the circumstances are sufficiently serious.

Random Testing 

Some instances or circumstances are associated with drug usage that could necessitate Starbucks employees to pass a drug test. There are times when it might not be directly associated with the operations of the job but rather pertain to an external case that is being monitored. Because of these incidents, a broad screening utilizing a saliva drug test kit from Starbucks or other instruments for quick screening was conducted. 

It also materializes when evaluating an employee who demonstrates any immoral behavior on corporate property, as evidence that the individual is under the influence of drugs. Therefore, you should not be concerned if you hear that Starbucks will conduct a random drug test while you are working to finish your daily responsibilities.

Post-Accident Testing

Starbucks executives aim to prevent mishaps in the workplace caused by misconduct. Accidents brought on by unforeseen circumstances do not result in a request for or operation of drug testing of on-site personnel. However, the situation changed when the investigation into the accident revealed that an employee's unethical actions at work were to blame. Depending on the circumstances, it raises concerns that may lead to a request for a drug test. There was an accident, but many Starbucks locations still rarely subject their personnel to drug testing.


What to expect from their drug testing process while applying is outlined above. The preceding should answer any and all questions you may have concerning Starbucks, the drug test, testing services and related topics. As you strive to land the position you want at Starbucks, it is important that you take the time to grasp these particulars fully. No matter how random or extensive your company's drug testing is, you must adhere to the drug-free policy they have instituted.

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